How Can I Help You Reach Your Healthier Lifestyle Goal?

Clean Beauty Routine

It’s time to see results. No matter what you try to do, it is not effective. Maybe your hair lacks that luster or growth you’re looking for. Or maybe you can’t get your skin to act right. Whether it be face or body, the washes, masks, scrubs just are not making the cut. There just isn’t any balance between your routine and/or the products you use. I understand and want to help take out the overwhelm of trying to figure out a routine that will actually work.

During our 60 minute session, I will help you find the right routine for you and your schedule incorporated with clean beauty product choices that will be effective.

A “Beauty for YOU Routine” session consists of:

  • Consult to pinpoint areas of concern
  • Personalized clean beauty routine for hair, face, or body
  • Detailed walkthrough of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it
  • Checklist with resources needed to accomplish routine including recommended products
  • Email support for 30 days

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Nutrition, Fitness, or Wellness Routine.

Making that decision to want to finally take charge of your health and live better is not always easy. Figuring out where to start and what to do can become a challenge. Or maybe you know what to do, but not necessarily how to fit it into your schedule. You want to end the sluggish feeling and start to make better lifestyle choices. During our initial 60 minutes session, I help you pinpoint areas of focus based on your health goals to formulate a tailor-made routine that will simplify the transition process into YOUR healthier lifestyle. This package also includes (2) 30 minute sessions for accountability and continued support. During those sessions we are able to celebrate your wins and discuss how to overcome areas of difficulty

    A “Can’t-Fall-Off Lifestyle Transitioning Program” session consists of:

    • Personalized routines to assist you with transitioning into the healthier lifestyle that you always wanted for yourself
    • Your choice of goal(s) to focus on
    • Two additional 30 min. calls to celebrate productivity and discuss areas that are a bit of a struggle
    • Assistance with habit building
    • Incorporating natural alternatives to help simplify the transition

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    Want to hire me as a speaker?

    I’d love to be a part of your event as a keynote speaker or expert panelist. My key topics include:


    The Importance of Self Care

    How to Incorporate Self Care Into our Lives Without Guilt or Overwhelm

    Using Self Care as a Marketing Tool

    Make Yourself More Marketable as an Entrepreneur/Employee via Self Care

    Busy Mom/Entrepreneur Schedules

    Simplify Your Busy Lifestyle with Routines

    Healthier Lifestyles

    5 Simple Ways to Transition into Cleaner Eating and Living with a Busy Lifestyle

    Clean Beauty

    How to Transition into a Cleaner, More Effective Beauty Routine

    To hire myself as a speaker, or even to collaborate or interview me,  please email us at info@naturallyversatile.comand state “SPEAKING GIG” in the subject line. Thank you.

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