What is Naturally Versatile?

Naturally versatile is a resource for women who are uniquely their God-given self and are ready to embrace the transition of introducing better habits, routines, regimens, and natural alternatives into their lives. We focus on inner health and outward beauty and will share our favorite products and techniques with you.

What we focus on at Naturally Versatile


Washes, Scrubs, and Moisturizers…oh my…


Let us put our
best face forward…


I whip my hair back and forth…after a great wash day 🙂


1 and 2 and 3 and 4, let’s get this fitness right in!

Peace of Mind

Let’s create positive habits and productive routines…


Nutrition, household items, home remedies, what’s bests?

Who is Naturally Versatile by?

Naturally versatile was created by Julie Wiggins aka Jewelz. She began her journey of living a healthier lifestyle, believe it or not, because of her HAIR. As she became educated on the health of her hair, and then overall health, she made a decision to make a change. Not only for herself, but for her family also.

Jewelz Essentials

The top most recommended products that I use to have more peace, health, self love, and clearer skin.
My essentials may be your next holy grail.

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