As a busy mom or female entrepreneur (or both), we have a lot of hectic days with a slew of things that need our attention. Being a boss at home or in the workplace calls for great disposition and willpower to survive it all. Even as a college student, those books are not going to study themselves, and those papers won’t write themselves either (although that would be nice).

Whichever the case, we need to add more positive energy into our days to be able to maximize productivity and limit feeling depleted or overwhelmed. Yes, there is the option of taking an energy pill/supplement, but that is not the only way. Who wants to have to remember to take those every day? Not I. Here are 5 quick ways to invite more positive energy into your days.


Increasing Water Intake

Who would think something as simple as water could help to increase energy? Well, it can. Hydrating our bodies helps to revitalize our system and wash away impurities such as toxins.

Toxins have the ability to create fatigue, muscle aches/pain, skin reactions, etc. if there is an overload. Water is essential to wash these bad boys away and eliminate the constant dragging feeling.

It is suggested by dietary physicians that we drink half of our body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 130 lbs., for instance, your goal would be to drink at least 65 ounces of water a day. That’s equivalent to about 4 bottles of water (16.9 oz. bottles).

That is great for any regular day, but for clearing away energy-sucking toxins, I would suggest striving for a gallon a day (128 ounces). That is about 7 to 8 bottles of water.

You can basically drink any water that is to your liking; such as purified, spring, distilled, or alkaline. (place links for favorite waters) I would also include unflavored coconut water and herbal teas as part of the water intake. They hydrate and have detoxifying capabilities to remove toxins as well.


Morning HIIT Workouts

One thing that really gets me going for the day is my morning HIIT workout. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. 15 minutes is all I need to get pumped up and flowing. The reason I choose to do my workout routine in the morning is because it truly sets the tone. If you want more energy in your day, it really brings it.

HIIT workouts are energy filled to the point that it keeps the energy flowing throughout your day even after you’re done with your workout. The best part is not only do you get that much needed energy, but you also get that fat-burning tone as well.

You can read more about why I prefer a HIIT workout and my favorite HIIT workout routines here (place link to blog post).


Smaller Meals/Portions

We’ve all experienced getting that great start for our day, and usually around lunch time it’s downhill into a slump of trying to focus and work. That is usually due to overeating. When we overeat, we place our body in a state of heaviness. The overload causes our body to shut down while our system tries to focus on breaking down this excess food that it really didn’t need at the moment. All the energy is drained from being productive to digest your meal.

In order for us to be able to have enough energy to function for productivity, we have to limit how much energy our body has to put towards digesting our meals. That is why smaller meals are important. A properly portioned meal will give our bodies what we NEED without catching the “Itis” around the corner.

Now I’m not saying to limit how much you eat. This is something that should be eased into. You can eat often with snacks and so forth. Just make sure you are decreasing the size of your meals, and incorporating healthier options definitely doesn’t hurt.


Limit Sugar Intake

Not only do we have to decrease the size of our meals, but decrease the amount of sugar we consume is ideal as well. Sugar is one ingredient that can be hard to get away from. It is found in majority of our foods; not just ice cream, cakes, and cookies. Sugar can be found in bread and pasta also. Really, we just have to do our due diligence and take the time to read the labels of the foods that we buy to have a sense of what we’re eating.

An excess of sugar will formulate into toxins and also be stored as fat. Both toxins and increasing fat causes that dragging feeling. Who wants that?

Not only do we have to be careful of the drained energy, but sugar can be addictive. Even worse than drugs. I used to joke around in high school saying I was addicted to sugar without knowing that a person can actually become addicted to it. Once I received knowledge of truth behind my statement, and the negative effects of it, I made some serious changes. I flushed my system with water and tonics and decreased my intake of sugary products.

I know it may not be easy to let go and the cravings may seem impossible to overcome, but it IS possible. With some willpower and discipline, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it Miss Lady.


Reduce the Effects of Stress

This is a big one, especially for us ladies. We are so in touch with our emotions that sometimes we don’t realize how they can affect us. Being stressed out will cause a hormonal imbalance that will cause our bodies to react in a negative manner.

I can attest to this. Before I learned how to channel my emotions and not allow stress to pull me down and drain me, stress caused missed menstrual cycles, unhealthy weight gains and losses, feeling depleted, and not being the person you would want to be around at times.

Allowing ourselves to continue to be stressed is definitely a positive energy drainer. I’ve found when I incorporated certain activities into my daily routine, the effects of stress were reduced. I’m a spiritual woman so these activities included meditation and prayer. I’m the last thing from traditional. My prayers usually consist of myself giving thanks and being grateful for the aspects of my life that are not stressful or not a major concern. They also consist of myself asking for strength to get through the aspects that are creating stress. My meditations are usually a mental recollection of my current state to myself and how I can use what I “can” control to alleviate the pressure. This is done every single day at least once no matter what time, but usually best done at the top of your day to have a positive start.

In addition to that, journaling every evening is essential. When journaling you have the opportunity to jot down everything thing that may be bothersome to you as form of therapy. You are basically taking your emotions off of your shoulders and resting them on that paper. This removes the heaviness of your feelings by expressing it with ink. That way you’re able to have a more sound rest so you’re able to wake up a bit refreshed.

Communication is also a biggie. Sometimes we’re stressed out due to lack of communication. If a stress factor is connected to another person, I would suggest you go speak to that person to get some clarity on both sides. You have no idea how many times my mind was racing about something, and when I decided to go ahead and have a conversation with that person, it was concluded that there was a miscommunication and thus removed any issue that was created. Stress gone. Sometimes it’s that simple.

The last thing that I would say should be added to your routine to reduce stress is self-care. I’m a huge advocate for self-care. It’s that thing to help you feel 100% almost instantly. When you make sure to take care of yourself, it helps to reduce the stressors of everything else. So go ahead and get your nails done, get a massage, read a book, whatever floats your boat. At the end of the day, it is what makes you happy. Basically, make sure you’re doing things for yourself that pleases and relaxes you. That way you’re not pushing yourself feeling like you never get to do anything for yourself. That can be depressing.

Share with me what steps you’ve taken to have more positive energy today 🙂

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