Who is Julie aka Jewelz? On paper, I am…


A Wife

To my husband of 4+ years.


A Mom

To 2 sons and 4 daughters.


A Retired Actress

I perfomed lead roles in independent local screenplays.


Naturally Versatile

Multi-faceted in all things health and wellness.

Where it all started…

Growing up in Miami, Florida, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy my parents culture as well as a wide majority of other ethnic cuisine. My parents being from Haiti, and still is in touch with their upbringing, I got the chance to experience the Haitian dishes of a plate filled with rice and some fried pork; which was not the healthiest foods to eat in large quantities (but I did).

Not only was my eating habits not the best, but I could of been a bit better of how I took care of myself externally also. On my 9 year old birthday, I received my first perm, and boy did I think I was it. It was so much easier getting my hair into a ponytail and I didn’t have to worry about my ear getting burned with the hot comb (although my hair was getting damaged either way).

I basically grew up with a lifestyle of eating/ doing whatever no matter the effects of my health. But I will say I was active. Whether it be sports, riding a bike, swimming, walking to the corner-store with my besties, dancing, or playing red light green light, I was always outside or next door doing something.

In the midst…

From my earlier years in life until now, I’ve had a lot of transition in my life. I’ve gone from an active childhood all the way through college, to a failed first marriage comprised of mental abuse which left me to have to cut my hair afterwards due to stress (beginning of my natural hair journey), to moving to Washington, DC for new opportunities.

While in D.C., I started pursuing a modeling/acting career but transitioned my focus into health and wellness. Playing a “character” was draining in some instances, and I was intrigued by the wellness side of beauty more so than the glitz and glamour. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my fashion and makeup (especially my HEELS), but I also believe in beauty from within that is transmitted outward by how we care for ourselves.

Thus, I gained the opportunity to write for The Harlem Times about natural hair for a while, but continued my research not only on the health of my hair and other women, but our overall wellness.

My Mission

As a Natural Health & Beauty Routine Consultant, I believe in the benefits of avoiding diets and implementing lifestyle changes. As you might have noticed by now, I began my journey of living a healthier lifestyle because of my HAIR. Isn’t that crazy that something so small/simple would cause such a change. As I became more educated on the health of my hair, and then overall health, the decision to make a change was easy. Not only for myself, but my family also. I’ve noticed most people in my community are not living a healthy lifestyle simply because they are uneducated to the fact or they lack a routine to make the transition easier. They just don’t know the HOW.

That is why it is part of my mission to be a source for guidance. I want to be a part of your journey, and be there for you while you celebrate your wins. If you haven’t already, subscribe to join the newsletter to receive updates of new content and new projects we’re working on that can help you with your transition.

My Current Situation

I am married again, this time with two beautiful daughters, and I now have a beautiful blended family with my husband. Together we have 2 boys and 4 girls (talk about a full house).

I am juggling family, friends, and associates, pursuing my Master’s degree, working a 9-5, running a business with my husband, and building this business of my own. Busy busy.

Having a full schedule, I was even more compelled to use my personal experience and expertise to help other women achieve their overall health and wellness even while having a demanding lifestyle.

I specialize in curating personalized health routines for women who are burnt out and ready to change their lifestyle..

Want your own personalized routines to create a happier and healthier life?

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