Don’t you dread coming home after a long day to look at yourself in the mirror and see how much ATTENTION your hair needs? I know I do. Why? Because I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day and ready to go to bed.

And you know what? I usually would go to bed (or should I say used to). With my days constantly being busy and long, I would usually make the choice to neglect my hair to be able to get more sleep.

Well not anymore!

I became tired of having dry, brittle hair due to my neglect; especially since it was already prone to damage from its fine texture. My neglect only made it worse. And I had to do something about it.

As I am sure you are at your breaking point also, I will share with you 3 easy ways to not allow your lifestyle to affect the health of your hair by eliminating neglect.

1. Protective styling

Being in the natural hair community, I am sure you have heard about this at the least 10 times. I’ve heard about it way more than that. And with reason.

Protective styling helps with so many aspects of our natural hair. Hair growth, retention, minimizing breakage, minimizing tangles, etc. The list goes on…

For me, protective styling is a great way to get my hair out of the way and to limit the amount of time I have to put into it on a daily. When our hair is braided, twisted, and/or bunned away, the daily moisturize and style process is made simple.

No need to detangle (yet), and no need to restyle. Just one and done.

Great examples of protective styles to do to eliminate neglect are wigs (hair cornrowed under), braids, twists, and buns. You can do a weave also, just keep in mind that you may have to restyle the weave depending on the type of hairstyle, how you prep it for bed, and how you sleep at night.

2. Greenhouse effect

I. Love. This. Technique. when it comes to moisturizing my hair. Just in case you don’t know, the greenhouse effect is a method used to moisturize the hair and/or retain moisture to provide optimum growth and length retention.

This right here, is a game changer.

All you have to do is spritz your hair with water (I like to use this fine mist spray bottle [link to favorite mist bottle for water]) or a moisturizing spray, cover with a shower cap / plastic bag, and go to bed. Once you wake up from that beautiful rest, take off the cap/bag, and seal in that moisture with your favorite oil by applying it to your hair.

Again, no need to detangle (yet), and no need to restyle (for most styles). One and Done!

If you are wearing a wig with some of your hair out, and it’s a straight hairdo, I would leave that piece out and cover the rest of the hair.

You can do this every night or as needed. The amount of times you do this a week is based on your hair needs and how dry it is.

So get that moisture girl! (finger snaps)

3. Go to the salon / Have a friend do your hair

Now. We both know there are days that we don’t want to spend time doing anything else; including our hair. These moments call for help. Some serious help.

When these moments arise, and all else fails, we must take advantage of our resources and not let the “long day blues” get the best of us. We must still prevail! For our hair sake!

Having a trustworthy salon, or trustworthy girlfriend/family member that’s good with her hands is essential to have in your back pocket.

The days with too much to do, and almost no time, are great for pulling this resource out. Why? Cause you can multi-task!

Grab that phone, book, or laptop and get your hair done while still being productive and knocking things off your To-Do list.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for your resource to be trustworthy. Last thing we need is to leave the seat more jacked up then before we sat in it, right. Uh uh girl, that is not cute.

Do your research, plan accordingly, and ensure that your tresses do not get neglected.

These 3 methods are simple, sure-fire ways to incorporate hair attention into your lifestyle even while busy. Hair neglect should be a thing of the past. Be sure to give your curls a chance to flourish.

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Share with me below how these methods have helped you eliminate hair neglect and other methods you may have up your sleeve that has helped as well. Sharing is caring ☺

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